Cold Starters
Chopped herring fillet with pickled onion and salad in sour dressing
250 CZK
Rose colored hard wood smoked salmon with marinated beetroot
295 CZK
Carp paté with fresh grated mixture of horseradish, beetroot and honey
320 CZK
Thick vegetarian mix of mushrooms in season, beans and barley
150 CZK
Feast gold chicken broth with fine matzoh balls and organic pasta
195 CZK
Meat borscht with beetroot and seasonal vegetable
205 CZK
Warm Starters
On marjoran steamed cabbage leaf stuffed with minced veal meat and rice
250 CZK
Sausages with mustard, onion and horseradish
290 CZK
Braised beef liver with stron meat sauce and cranberries
350 CZK
Tongue of beef with warm apple horseradish
400 CZK
Broiled whole trout with young onion and grilled seasonal vegetables
510 CZK
Grilled fillet of salmon (farmed) with mushroom ragout
690 CZK
For Vegetarians
Organic pasta with seasonal vegetables and roasted breadcrumbs
450 CZK
Main Courses
Breaded juicy poultry breast with mashed potatoes
510 CZK
Finely chopped young lamb with sweet carrots and potatoes
690 CZK
Braised beef in creamy red pepper sauce with bread dumplings
695 CZK
Baked duckling drumstick with schollet and sautéed cabbage
700 CZK
Hungarian style game goulash with fine matzoh gnocchi
750 CZK
Roasted young lamb with garlic spinach and grilled polenta
845 CZK
Grilled beef entrecôte served with grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes
950 CZK
Sage marinated lamb saddle with pear purée and croquet
985 CZK
Grilled fallow deer steak with mushroom sauce and potato pancake
1500 CZK
Mixture of shredded salad leaves with baby tomatoes
230 CZK
Poultry breast strips salad with dressing of your choice
310 CZK
Smoked salmon salad with dressing of your choice
390 CZK
Apple strudel
210 CZK
Fruit sorbet
210 CZK