How it works

How is the Boxed Meal packaged?

All courses (up to 6) are packed in plastic thermo packaging to keep the food warm. In case you want to heat up the meal later, you can place the box in the oven and warm to desired temperature. The Boxed Meal also may contain fruit and beverages and is always supplemented with plastic cutlery, a napkin, and a cup, all hygienically-packaged. If you know that you will not consume the dishes within 2 hours of delivery, let us know. We can shock cool or freeze the dishes.

What about Kosher Boxed Meals and Jewish dietary laws?

Each individual Boxed Meal is sealed with a specially marked foil, which ensures that it has not been forcibly opened. After delivering the box to the hotel or restaurant staff, it must not be opened by anyone. It must be taken to the hands of the client who opens it himself or by a member of the serving staff in the presence of the customer. He decides how the content of the Boxed Meal is to be served. Even the plastic boxes are packed tightly to avoid breaking the kosher rules during the process of warming the food in any heating equipment which is not kosher. If the customer decides that he wants to heat the dishes, the plastic box must not be broken or opened in any manner. Opening and handling the sealed box by hotel or restaurant staff is allowed only if the owner or addressee of the Boxed Meal gives such permission. Dishes can be served and arranged on common plates or with common utensils only after explicit consent of the customer. In some cases the recipient may request that women not be allowed to handle the Boxed Meal, so please accept this as a possibility.

And on the Shabbat?

The rules are the same for the Shabbat, except the delivery is carried out prior to Friday evening. Saturday lunch is delivered at the same time as the Friday dinner. The recipient opens the Boxed Meal container and places it in the heating device to be kept at the desired temperature. After returning from the Synagogue it can be taken out and eaten warm. Likewise, Saturday's lunch will be kept warm from Friday night until the appropriate meal time the next day.

To ensure that each Boxed Meal finds its proper recipient, each is labeled with the name of the guest, his/her room number, contents of the Boxed Meal, date, and time.