Kosher Breakfast Box and Its Practical Use

All breakfast components are packaged in thermo plastic or in their original packaging. The Breakfast Boxed Meal may also include fruit, drinks and our standard hygienically-packaged plastic cutlery, napkin, and cup.

You or your client can select individual items from our breakfast specials to create your own personalized breakfast, which is sure to get your day off to a pleasant start. Our Breakfast Box includes boiled eggs, a main dish, fruit or fruit salad, a dairy product, fresh homemade bread, high quality jams, honey, fruit juice, coffee and tea.

Breakfast is always prepared fresh and will be available at the hotel starting at six in the morning. The hotel usually stores the Boxed Meal in a cooler and room service brings it to the room. The box itself is labeled with the name of the guest, his/her room number, contents of the Boxed Meal, date and time.