Take-Away services

Do you need our kosher meals delivered to your hotel, restaurant, convention or training center, freshly and neatly packaged? Our convenient King Solomon Kosher Boxed Meal service does just that.

The Boxed Meal is always prepared fresh after your order and is custom-made to fit your needs. It may include a starter, soup, a main course, dessert, salad or all of the above. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available. Included are hygienically-packed authentic-looking plastic cutlery, a napkin, cup, salt and pepper, sugar, and a toothpick.

The actual selection of dishes is up to you. You can choose from our a la carte menu or have a meal made-to-order. If you would like to order kosher meals for a large group, we recommend sending us a "normal" menu option and we will prepare the closest possible kosher variant. French, Japanese, or Asian cuisine are all possible.

We will be happy to accommodate any special dietary needs you may have, including salt-free, gluten-free, vegan, etc.