Shabbat services

Our accomplished staff is ready to serve you during both Shabbat meals. Gefilte fish, veal with mushrooms, and duck in soulet are specially prepared, excellent wines are offered, and delicious challah is freshly baked to welcome you to our relaxed, festive environment at King Solomon Restaurant.

How can I book a place for Shabbos?

During the main tourist season, reservations must be placed well in advance. Please fill out the online inquiry form.  We will respond immediately to confirm your reservation and will look forward to seeing you in our restaurant. Your reservation will be valid only if you come to pay in advance or sign a receipt for your credit card by 17.00 on Friday during the summer, and 15.00 on Friday during the winter. Shabbat menu and prices are valid all year. The menu selection may be adjusted upon previous arrangement. We will be happy to provide for different kinds of diets such as vegetarian, gluten-free, salt-free, and others.

Ladies are available to light candles right in the restaurant.

The time of the Shabbat lunch and dinner can be adjusted to your individual needs, but only by prior arrangement. Otherwise, all guests are expected to arrive directly after the service in the Old-New Synagogue. Shabbat times are provided for you in the right-hand column.

I did not have time to make a reservation for Shabbos, or I have no time to eat at a restaurant. Can I take food with me?

Of course! For more information, see Take-Away