Our vision

King Solomon Restaurant, the oldest kosher restaurant in the Czech Republic, offers the very best of traditional Jewish cuisine from Central and Eastern Europe. We welcome you to discover for yourself the pleasure of dining with the very best in kosher culinary experiences.

One of the many features that make us stand out above all others is the origin and processing of the meat products you are able to enjoy here. All the animals and poultry are chosen from special breeding stations and are of the top nutritional and biological quality in the Czech Republic. The methods of slaughtering and meat processing follow strict Jewish customs so that the animals are not subject to distress and the quality of meat is not compromised. All post-process treatment of meat is carried out with extreme care.

Combining traditional processes with the latest technologies enables us to provide domestic products without using chemical additives and intermediary food products. King Solomon Restaurant follows the long tradition of Jewish shochtim – butchers and innkeepers. This tradition was interrupted by the Second World War, followed by the communist occupation, but now is an important part of our approach. We hope that we will exceed your expectations with our professional services and excellent food choices.

After over 10 years in the market, we have established a world-renowned reputation for excellent cuisine in the charming neighborhood of the Jewish Quarter of Prague. We offer only the best from our Czech breeders – veal, fallow deer, lamb, and mouflon meat. Poultry of the highest quality is imported from the top breeders in France and Austria. Many of our standard meats and ingredients also carry bio certificates or „highest quality of origin" certificates. Fish (preferably local) is served fresh. We are strongly opposed to mass killings of breeds and we do not support wasteful usage of resources to transport products from around the globe.

On our menu you will find many traditional Jewish dishes from our region, such as Golden chicken broth with matzoh dumpling and almonds, Gefilte fish in vinegar jelly with grated beetroot, Veal Kishke tripe filled skins, Duck leg baked in soulet, Lamb in thick carrot sauce or Deer back with latkes.

We invite you to enjoy King Solomon Kosher Restaurant for intimate family celebrations, business meetings or casual get-togethers over a glass of wine. Our top priority is to provide our guests with the best possible service and we take pride in indulging your palate!